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2018 Stickley Collector's Piece

We believe the new 2018 Stickley Collector's Piece to be inspired in every sense of the word.
in·spired inˈspī(ə)rd/ adjective adjective: inspired 1. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

Inspired Design It is said the new Stickley Drop Front Desk, which is the 2018 Collector's Piece, was inspired by an original Gustav Stickley design from the 1906 Stickley Catalog. A look at Stickley's design proves the point. Both pieces exhibit the slant front design, a Roycraft feature, a thin beveled top, and paneled door. Harvey Ellis, a designer for Gustav Stickley, also took a stab at a new look for the drop front desk and came out with a similar desk featuring his striking inlays.

We can also go back further for inspiration to 1901, a year into the revolutionary Mission design that Gustav Stickley started. This image appears The Craftsman Magazine, which Gustav Stickley started in October of 1901, a platform for the American Arts & Crafts Mo…

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